1/22/24: Mundane Heroism

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Man, this month has not been fun for me!! Day one of January I was wrestling with food poisoning. Then I discovered that the crawlspace under my house has been flooded due to a broken sump pump- just in time for three weeks of nonstop snow and rain. After hiring a plumbing company to make very expensive repairs, I was then assailed for nearly a full week by the dreaded Mystery Beep. Immediately after that seems to have vanished, I get snowed into my home for a week, and our neighborhood has been beset by tons of fallen trees and heavy branches blocking off roads and causing power outages. This morning after the snow had finally melted, I checked underneath my house only to find that my crawlspace is once again flooded and now I'm gonna have to take another day off of work this week to have them come repair their own repairs. It's been a pretty deflating month, even when I've been trying my best to search for the positives. But being able to do a tiny act of solving the problem of the dangerous branches on my street was at least a tiny moment of feeling being in control. I hope everyone has a safe week! Remember to buy my smut!