06/04/2023: Workin' All Day In The Smut Mines

I've got 14 pages finished so far of my upcoming comic, Double Dog Dare!! Chapter 2, and I estimate about 22-ish more pages to go. I have a feeling people will really enjoy these pages I've been working on this weekend in particular. I just really hope I can get the whole thing finished soon, because I could really use the money! My attention span is fickle, so I know if I pause drawing pages to do more art sets to sell in the meantime, my momentum will totally get derailed. I need to just knuckle down and GET THIS DONE!!

I'm planning on taking a vacation for myself near the end of June, so I'm trying to prepare for it in every possible way, lmao! I'm trying to get my money in order, I'm trying to get my art projects finished, and most of all I've been walking, jogging, hiking, and visiting the gym because I KNOW my hungry ass is gonna eat like a pig when I'm traveling for 10 days. Ooh! And I also have a therapy appointment scheduled for July! I've never been to a therapist before, so I'm excited and a little nervous to finally have this opportunity! I'm not about to go dumping my BUSINESS out here, but I do think everyone can benefit from receiving counseling from time to time. Your mind needs maintenance!