06/14/2023: Wigglin' Workout Wednesday

Hoof, how is it that it feels like I've been exercising more than ever, and yet my weight's been going up little by little the last few weeks? Well, probably because I've been overeating, then working out to counteract it, then rewarding myself for eating more afterwards. A vicious cycle of poor restraint.

Summer is nearly here, and I am excited for what's around the corner! I'm excited to travel next week, to allow myself some good food, fun experiences, and to take a break from comics after weeks of struggling through creative blocks to push out page after page in secrecy! During July and August, my big two goals are to make sure I work out regularly and to try my very best to get Double Dog Dare!! done before September. I FEEL like it should be doable. I've only got about 18-19 more pages to go, but as I've said before, my attention span is a fickle thing, and one page can be finished in either a day or a year for me.

When I finish DDG, I'd like to move towards a new comic series! I'm not sure if I want it to be one big story, or maybe broken down into individual chapters. At the moment I'm thinking maybe the latter, but I don't wanna get too far ahead of myself. When I think too hard on future projects, I often lose sight of what I'm trying to get done NOW. All that's important is that I am really trying to get things finished and pushed out, but I'm gonna do my best to keep my sanity in check this season too!

I'm rambling and tired. I've walked 10 miles today, so I'm barely coherent this evening, so I'm just gonna call it a night.
I love you!!!