07/14/2023: Summer Vibes!

Well lets see, it's been exactly a month since my last journal entry! A lot's happened in 4 weeks! I cut a few ties with some shady someones, I gained 2000 followers, then I lost 3500 followers..

I took a 9 day vacation to unplug from the net, I swam in the ocean, painted my house, been playing a lot of farming simulators... It's been a nice summer so far, honestly!

I've noticed my art output has slowed down significantly. I always assume I'll be more productive with my summers, but honestly I need to enjoy the nice weather or I'll go crazy. In the mean time I've got 20 comic pages finished for Double Dog Dare chapter 2, over halfway done! I'll have to think about what I wanna do after that finishes. Probably not another long comic like this.
And I think this is gonna be my last foray into the world of shota. It's way too hard to monetize it, and honestly my enthusiasm for the scene's been pretty splooted.
But I love this story, and I am sincerely excited to finish it and share it with the world!