08/22/2023 New Story released: Hot and Cold!

So, the summer season has come to a close. Did I get everything on my to-do list checked off? Nah, not at all. But what I did accomplish was have one of the best, most stress free summers I've had for a while. It's been really nice just playing games, drawing what I want to draw at my own pace, and trying my best to disconnect from the worries of social media and self imposed schedules and deadlines, and catching up with friends and family face to face.

One thing I'm especially proud of is that I've gotten back into typing short stories again! I was on a bit of a lengthy hiatus during the last two years while I was on a drawing rampage. But during this past week I was able to type out a 14k short story, and it's published now on Amazon!

It's called Hot and Cold, and is about an ostensibly straight guy hired to repair an air conditioner during a heatwave, and things get kinda crazy after he finds out his newest customer is a hotty hot hot-hot hotty.

I had a lot of fun writing something new in a long time, and it came so easily for me! I hope people give it a shot. If you try the free trial of Kindle Unlimited, you'll be able to read the whole story for free, and I'll still get paid for it. Win-win, baby!!

In the mean time, I've had a blast this weekend playing the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre game! I've only survived like, twice so far, but the stealth system is so immersive, it's a ton of fun no matter how badly I keep losing! #LelandsOfTheWorldUnite

I've also been really enjoying this month trying out Baldurs Gate 3. As a casual fan of D&D for the last six-ish years or so, it's be wildly addictive recreating my actual D&D characters in the game and being able to mimic the experience of the TTRPG in video game form pretty authentically! May not romance anyone on this first play through, but damn there's some hotties in the party!!

I'm going to try and keep a little more active on updating my Diary with relevant info moving forward. Expect more posts featuring updates to let you know about new art and stories too!