08/31/2023 Writer's Retreat

Okay, vibe check!

Summer really ended hard and fast this week. The minute the clock struck Monday, our 85 degree sunny heatwave turned into dreary, foggy, heavy rains and thunder all week. I'm never quite ready to say goodbye to the sunshine when fall comes.

But, I'm taking my vitamin D, getting my exercise in every day, trying to keep myself from slipping into a seasonal depressive funk again like in years past. I had getting lethargic and sullen when it's dark and wet and cold all day!

Which I guess takes us into thoughts of my own productivity when it comes to creative projects.

Since I last posted a blog entry about a week ago, I have hardly drawn at all, if we're being honest. And when I did, it definitely wasn't anything related to NSFW stuff I share here. I'm trying not to stress myself out by this fact, and only drawing when I really feel like I actually want to. I've been feeling more relaxed lately by taking that pressure off! While I haven't been drawing, I've definitely been writing! I'm now on more than 2 weeks of being able to type a minimum of 1,000 words per day, and it feels great!

I hope I can keep that up in the weeks to come, because I'd love to be able to publish more short stories regularly like I've been doing this month. Hopefully my next written erotic short story will be ready to publish within the next day or two. Like with my last story, Hot and Cold, it came pretty naturally for me! Usually the hardest part for me is just trying to come up with new ideas that don't sound too identical to one another, particularly with sex scenes, so it's been a nice relief to see that it hasn't been as challenging for me lately. Watch as I jinkx myself, and I'll get deadly writer's block for the next one.

Have you read any of my short stories yet? If so, let me know what you thought!