09/24/2023 Hot Tub Thots Part 2: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hoo, it's the night before my first therapy appointment I've had in a few weeks, and I'm in the mood to reflect on how September's been going for little old me. Now that it's starting to get cooler and darker out again, it's been nice enjoying my hot tub out on the back porch. A few years ago we built an extended roof, so I can type this out in the rain on a wobbly TV tray and enjoy the sound of nature and watch the steam fuck up the screen on my laptop. Drink of choice tonight is cokezero sugar with a lime wedge and remainder of the lime squeezed and a single drop of vanilla extract.

I'm so close to finishing Double Dog Dare!! And this time I mean it! Like, there's only like three more pages or something like that! I'm excited to be done with it, and anxious for how it'll be received. I've had to revise and re-revise it a lot in the... god damn it's been well over a year since I started writing and drawing the whole thing. A big shout out to my colleague in the art of creative combat, Aoupiluxe, who was an immensely helpful and source of support in bouncing ideas off of. By the time we were through talking, I had tears in my eyes coming up with the ending scenes for my story. Which is kind of absurd, because it's gay porn, but why can't I be emotionally impacted by my own smut?? I do think that this will be my last comic project that'll be longer than like six pages- at least for now. If I were to do something big and long again, I won't tell anyone until it's done. But for now, I'm ready to get back to just drawing image sets and writing short stories again.

On that note, hooboy, I've been writing up a storm this month! Since my last blog post, I've published two more stories. One of them is another erotic short story, The New Guy. I'll link it here:

Just like before, it's also available to read for free if you're subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, which Amazon is currently offering a 2-month free trial on. That would allow you to read ALL of my published shorts for free, and I would still get paid for it! Capitalism, baby!!

The second, and this one's a doozy, was a 90ish page erotic gay novella parodying cheeky 80s slasher horror. It's called Jason's Revenge, and is part of my Halloween Hunks series of fun spooky themed gay erotica. It's got horny counselors, kissing games, boy in bondage, and masked maniacs with hidden hearts of gold. I'm pleased I was able to get it pushed out in time for the spooky season, and had a blast writing possibly the stupidest, silliest dialog in a long while. I will make a separate announcement when that one goes live, as it's still in the publishing review process.

When my big beast of a project Double Dog Dare is finished, I may think about updating my website and giving it a new coat of paint. Although I go back and forth, maybe it could be on my to-do list over the winter.

I haven't been playing any video games at all with my busy schedule of work, drawing and writing. I've noticed I've felt the desire to really draw again for the first time in a while this summer, and I'm chasing that urge! It feels like I definitely needed that break from drawing and letting myself learn to be at peace with watching some of my sale numbers dip for a bit. Writing stories has been a helpful alternative to engage my creativity, give my artistic side a break, and still make a bit of money at the same time. But I'm ready to draw! I'm ready to keep pressing onward. Judging by how drippy and sweaty my hands are right now, I'd say I'm also ready to get out of this hot tub. Talk to you soon!