10/02/2023: New Release! Jason's Revenge, New Comic Soon!

Another story down! This one came out to be around 91 pages long, which is a lot for me! I had a ton of fun typing this story, it got especially ridiculous at the end. Jason's Revenge is a novella parodying corny 80s slasher movies, about the mystery surrounding a recently reopened summer camp. A counselor goes missing, schemes are hatched, and boundaries pushed...And through wacky happenstance, a ton of gay sex happens!

Camp Lake Lanier has been closed for 20 years, and has been surrounded by urban legends that it's haunted by the ghost of Jason Moorhaus, but is finally re-opening for the summer! After his brother Tommy mysteriously vanished on the way to his new job as a camp counselor, Dillon Gervais sets out on his own to track down his brother and find out what happened. While the authorities aren't inclined to help him, Dillon may have found an unlikely ally in the form of the tall, dark and rebellious Victor. Chaos and heartache abound at Lake Lanier, with hot-headed jocks roped up in hormonal high stakes games of truth or dare, oblivious to the danger spying on them just out of view of their kissing games. The studly counselors could find themselves chained somewhere in their tighty whities if they aren't too careful tonight. The grownups all say that Jason Moorhaus is a myth, but if that's true, then who's that masked stranger wandering through the trees at night?

This weekend I finished the last of the Double Dog Dare pages!! Which feels amazing. I'm doing a few more sketches and extra content just to stuff in there, and I plan on releasing it soon! This last weekend I was on a drawing rampage, and didn't want to go to bed Sunday night until I had the last of the pages finished. Like I've said before, it's gonna be so nice to have this project behind me. New pages will be posted on a weekly basis on the comic's website, but the full-sized, uncensored pages and bonus content will all be available at once to anyone who buys the story. I'll be sure to let everyone know when it goes live so be sure to follow me on my socials or check my site regularly for news!

In the realm of Falta's non-creative life, things have been good! Therapy has been really helpful in working through things that I've been stressing about in my head and feeling more in control when it comes to addressing things directy. I haven't had time to play Baldur's Gate or Texas Chainsaw at all for September, and I wanna get back into it!! Maybe I can allow myself an hour in the morning or evening to do some game time, but it's hard! Any time I have a moment of freedom to myself, I feel like it's better to spend that time writing, drawing, or doing something productive versus just fun. I need to remember that watching shows or playing games is important to avoid burnout for myself. Plus playing video games full of hot guys could inspire me to draw more hot guys, lmao.

I'm trying to think of what I could draw next when my comic goes up. Should it be Mortal Kombat related? Or something horror/halloween adjacent? That's something that's hard for me, trying to figure out the current craze and then drawing something quickly enough to join in before it's passed. I bet I could make Chop Top/ Hitch Hiker twin art look cute for another Texas Chainsaw thing, buuut judging by the sales on that one, I think maybe not. :p Maybe I can try and revisit the Slashers I drew in 2021, add some new ones in to spice it up. Like Brahms from The Boy, or Vincent from House of Wax? I suppose some sort of anime or cartoon like Fionna and Cake is a safe bet, but I don't really watch those sort of animated kids shows anymore. I'm sure I'll think of something, even if it's something ridiculously niche and self indulgent, SOMEONE out there is bound to be thrilled by it!