10/18/2023: Valley of the Dollaritas

Wednesday is here! Hump Day, as it were. It's been five days since I finally released Double Dog Dare!! part 2 on my shops, and I would say that I am pretty happy with the turn out on sales! More importantly, it's behind me at last!

I was curious how people would react to the story, and so far I haven't heard anything negative, which I guess is promising! Now that it's done, I can sit back for a bit and enjoy drawing things that I just feel like drawing for kicks and giggles. I've been on a Friday the 13th kick as of late, and I'm chasing that inspiration! I've almost forgotten that I spent several months until fairly recently not drawing much of anything. It's nice to be back in the swing of things. I haven't written much short stories since my Halloween special a few weeks back, and I'm not letting myself get distracted by imaginary pressures in my head to do so. I can write or draw or play whatever I want, and that's great!

I think work has been steadily stressing me out without me even realizing it, because I've had more than one coworker this week come up to me and ask me why I looked so angry, even though I felt perfectly fine. Or at least, I thought that I appeared perfectly fine. If you've been reading my blog posts the last few months, you probably picked up that stress is something I've been working on this year. You can't always control the stresses in your life, but you can control how you choose to handle and respond to them. I've been trying to fight back on this in a few ways. Vitamin D supplements to stave off seasonal depression, taking walks to keep myself active, coffee to keep me alert, making time in my mornings to draw and do creative projects purely for fun. I've also been trying to take an Altoid when I'm feeling myself get frustrated, and letting myself sit and pause until it's fully dissolved in my mouth before reacting. Sometimes these strategies help! Not always, but sometimes.

Did you know that for the month of October, Applebees is serving $1 margaritas? I got a long week ahead of me, so after work I got myself three of those bad boys. I'm not much of a drinker these days, but every now and then it can be fun to pretend I'm still a young college twunk who can party on a school night. The drinks are ebbing out of my system now as I type this in my silly little inflatable hot tub, and the stresses of the day are leaving with it. When I stop to do the pros and cons in my head, the math totals out to a good day. I got enough mundane little grown up things accomplished that I can feel good about the sun setting on this one. I went to the post office, walked the dog, cleaned the litterbox, made a few sales.
Oh shit, I forgot to move the wash into the dryer like 15 hours ago! Ah, damn. Well I still have time tonight to fix that, I guess. I'll do that, and then ten push-ups, and I'll allow myself to call it a successful day.

If you bought my comic, let me know what you thought! It probably won't change what I draw going forward at all, but I still love hearing evidence someone read it at all! Let's see if I can get another art pack finished before Halloween arrives!