11/05/2023: Makeover Montage!

Hoo! The last few weeks have been kind to me, that's for sure. W ork has been nice, I've been cooking a lot more often, staying in shape, and it has been so relaxing letting myself draw for myself without expectations or pressure. I'm working on another Friday the 13th art collection. To this day, I'm still not entirely sure why it is that the first movie in particular is so near and dear to me. The characters aren't exactly iconic, the pacing is bizarre, etc, but the heart wants what it wants, and for whatever reason it's one of my go-to films I can always have on and running in the background while doing the laundry or working in the kitchen. I wouldn't be surprised if sales are minimal, but I'm loving the act of making it and it's some of my prettiest work I've made so far, in my biased opinion. So that's something to look forward to soon!

In other news, my birthday is coming up in a few days! For the last few years it's been something that often comes and goes with little fanfare, but I'm weirdly excited about it this year. I don't usually have too much money to spend on myself, but with comic sales still coming in, I've been able to be a little ridiculous on buying myself basically a whole new wardrobe at the local thrift stores in town. I had some legendary scores, we're talking floral pattern, dagger collar button downs from the 1970s, we're talking mustard yellow bell bottoms, we're talking fashion. Now I'm strutting around town looking like a victim from the original Texas Chainsaw this week. I also bleached and cut my own hair, which is something I need to remind myself to do. I might look absurd to some, but I love the way I look this weekend. For years I will go into hibernation mode, just wearing the same worn out clothes I've had for over a decade, and not even think about my appearance. I don't think of myself as being especially vain, but it feels really nice to dress up in a way that makes me feel confident and comfortable with myself. The last few weeks at work I've been going out of my way to put a little more thought in my appearance, and it's been a positive first step to kick off the day, and I've been coming home feeling less stressed than in the past. Which is a nice feeling!!

Gosh, who knew that self care and therapy can have a positive impact on one's own mental headspace. Brilliant discovery there, Falta.

When I get out of this bath tub, (because this time I'm typing this in the bath tub. Yes, it is true, you are reading words typed by my nubile naked fingers~) I think I'll play some more Texas Chainsaw Massacre the game. I haven't given myself time to play it in ages, and that sounds like a fun thing to wind down before thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.

By the way, I made some fucking delicious pies in October! My favorite is the black berry cream cheese hand-pies, but I also made a dangerously good quich with a sweet potato crust. Maybe some time I can write or draw up the recipes.